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!! Warning !!

Strangers to the Tuchuks

This camp is MARKED PCZ/PKZ, Which means at least one Free Man of the camp must be present for any capture or kills of anyone in the camp or visiting to take place. For an Updated List of those Men Please see the Camp Message Board Member Section.
Evander has final say on all matters within the camp.

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The Laws of the "Wagon People" must always be obeyed.

Know if there is a dispute; The Dispute will be decided by Evander.

Members of the Camp
Due to a changing and Growing Camp, The Message Board will have an Active Members Section which will give an accurate list of Camp Members which will allow for a better updated list of partisapating members. There will also be a non rp members list for those who visit regularly that are not an active partisapant in Gorean Role Play

 Voodoo Gorean Message Board

 A Gorean Chalk Board( out of service )

Camp Message Board ( out of service )


Guest Wagon

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Tuchuk Learning


Rules indicate what a Stranger is.

For any capture/kill to be legal, one must first state intent, name and 'action'
One must make 5 posts for a Kill of five words at least, in each post.
The same applies for captures. Escapes must be of two posts containing three words or more, one action per post...one reaction per post
Each post must be classified an action by some sort of symbol at the beginning and end of each post such as -Charges the slut panther named __? __ with intent to kill-

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This site is PCZ-PKZ for any camp member and their slaves and friends who have held grass and dirt with those of the camp.

Any and all else are entering at their own risk as a stranger. No where near the Tuchuk camp is safe for strangers. It is well within reach of our Bolas and Bows, so beware

Strangers are not allowed with out a formal invite or a request for safe passage. If these rules are not followed, then safe markings in these camps no longer applies to them. This only gives safety to those of the camps and their friends.

Any Free Woman or slave not acting properly, can and will be collared or killed without hesitation.

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So Beware

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